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Good idea or not ?

Now that my dog has a quality attitude and performance during the simple leashed walk would it create any problems when I release her from position to take the lead or fall behind and use the full 6 feet of her leash as long as the leash remains pulling whatsoever? Normally, any time on walks she remains in proper heel position but when we get to a park or open area I will usually say "okay" and allow her to roam with the full length of the leash as the restriction...always seems like a reward of sorts for her minding her manners during the more "formal" part of the walk. I feel pretty good about it since there is no forging or pulling when she has full length of the leash, as it is mostly always a loose leash. For the folks who have a much greater understanding of dog training and behavior than I...will this practice become problematic and create any negative consequences ??>

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