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Looks like a mangey GSD to me.

OK how to make bath time fun.
1. Prepare yourself. Lots of towels cover everything in the bathroom. Non-skid mats for the floor of the tub. (yes, your tub). warm bathroom. Human either nude or in something that can get in the tub with the dog. Great high value dog treats. Castile bar soap (available at many grocery stores). Towels for the dog. Towels for the human (who will shower her/himself after bathing the dog). Fill the tub with comfortable temp water.
2. get dog into bath room with food lure (I'm betting this guy is really food motivated.)
3. soap the dog down with a very wet cloth and the castile bar soap.
4. lure dog into tub with those high value treat. Get in there yourself to do this.
5. let him jump out a time or two

6. lure him back in and use a large yogurt tub (empty) as a scoup to help rinse the dog off. (Just use the water in the tub. do not try to rinse him with a hose at this point)
7. Dry the dog off with towels. Most dogs like this and it can be fun. Keep it upbeat. Keep the whole process upbeat.
8. When dog is dry enough, release dog from bathroom, clean the tub, rinse the human. Dress the human. Reward the dog again. Get a human reward.

And practice luring the dog into the tub when it isn't full of water, when he doesn't get a bath but gets a great reward.

Bath time can be fun. It means your bathroom will get a great scrub down too! You just have to keep relaxed about this and keep it upbeat and fun.

Maybe you need a drink or a glass of wine before you start?

BTW this is from bathing two, yes two!, mangy GSDs... They LOVED bathtime once I figured out the slippery tub was the problem.

And in a short period of time after the dog begins recovering you will be amazed at how much hair he has!

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