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Rescued a GSD - need help!

Our local shelter put out a plea for a rescue group to step up and help this dog. We decided to take him in and get him the care he needs. Medically he was 46 lbs, HW+, negative for mange, had fleas, emaciated, not neutered and low thyroid. (all of which are being treated)

Behavior wise is where I need help. He is supposed to be getting 2 medicated baths a week for his skin. He HATES water. The first 2 baths he had to have light sedation. He has been able to have 1 bath at home but he is totally freaked out the whole time. I know labs....and they love water so this is new to me.

Crates... he has destroyed 3 large wire crates eascaping and today he ate through a veri kennel and escaped. He is using the bathroom all over the room and on the bed, chewing walls and furniture so he has to be crated. I am looking at purchasing a pro select large empire crate but would like to know if there are other options before spending that much on a crate. (We are a rescue and do not have the extra funds).

Personality wise he is cautious. He will show his teeth during bath time and medical exams. He is starting to approach humans for interaction - which is huge!

Any guesses on breed ID? All advice welcome!

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