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Legend puppy phase

Legend is Patton's littermate There are three things about Legend that I like already: I think he has a better earset than Nikon (at least he did from 8-10 weeks, then they teepeed), possibly better/darker eye color, and so far not east/west in front. At 5 years old Nikon is still a bit east/west in front and his eyes are a tad light (for my taste) when he's looking into the sun. Legend's fur was very dark at birth and dark when I got him. He's still in the blonde phase with a black stripe down his back but I'm not worried, I think his color will be very nice. The main issue I have right now with Legend is that his nose is partially pink, it's been like that for about 3 weeks now. It doesn't really show up in pictures but it's there in person. Trying not to panic but if I can't show him, I guess I'll just save myself a boatload of UKC and USCA entries (he's not really a breeding prospect, though if we do IPO I would have liked to breed survey him as a nod to Nikon).

11 weeks

13 weeks

16 weeks (SO leggy right now!)

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