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I have spoke with the breeder a good bit through email and there are several reasons as to why I think it would be a good fit for me. I agree that the proximity should not be the first priority, but I do think that it will be nice to be close for help with training, which he offers. The timing of the puppy is not a concern for me either, as I'm prepared to wait if things don't go well when I visit next week. The price however, is a concern as I am not willing to pay over $1000. I do agree that the $3500 puppies seem to be way overpriced though. As far as the energy level goes, I am familiar with the amount of energy a german shepherd has, and I'm okay with that. I just prefer not to own one who has an endless amount of energy like some of the ones from working lines that I hear about. I would definitely like to have a health guarantee, but most of the ones I've seen for $1000 don't come with one. Choosing a breeder has a lot to do with a "gut feeling" and although everyone has made valid points, I still seem to be getting one from this breeder. I will know for sure next week when I visit the kennel. This "gut feeling" hasn't been easy for me to find, as I have made several calls and sent several emails to well respected breeders in the area and struggled to get responses from them.
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