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Questions about breeder

I found a breeder that I like and would like to get some second opinions before I make any final decisions. I am not not looking for a working dog prospect with high drives or a show dog. The dog will not be bred or titled. I am really just looking for a healthy family dog that will be great with kids. I don't want the dog to have a ton of energy and want a clear on/off switch. I am also looking for something in the $1000 range. I found this breeder to be a great fit, as he is only about 15 minutes from my home and he has a puppy from the current litter (link below) that he is selling for $1000. He is selling it cheaper because the puppy is so small. It's the puppy with the aqua collar, and it's definitely smaller, but he said that it should top out at about 75 pounds. He also isn't going to offer the health guarantee. Any thoughts on the breeder, pedigree, or buying the smaller puppy?

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