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Hemangiosarcoma of the Spleen

Good Evening all,

My husband and i just went through a traumatizing experience tonight. My heart is shattered into pieces. We had decided to put my boy Doogle to sleep after taking him to the Vet 4 hours ago. He was lethargic this evening, breathing was labored, fatigue (couldn't even stand up), pale gums and tongue, belly was distended. Went to the Vet, did blood work and ultrasound and was told that he has a tumor in his spleen and that his liver wasn't looking great either. They aspirated blood from his abdominal cavity so he was indeed bleeding internally. Hemangiosarcoma of the Spleen.

Tonight, we lost a beautiful 81/2 yr old German Shepherd. He was found by our neighbor but they could not keep him since they have 3 other big dogs. So, we opened our hearts and home to him 9 yrs ago and he changed our lives forever. We found out that he had heartworms and so we took him for treatments and he was fine when we first got him. 2 days ago, we noticed that he is kind of lethargic, bad appetite and went down hill from that. He saw the vet 1 month ago for check up and vaccines and nothing was abnormal.

How does one cope with this. My husband and i have been trying to conceive for 8 years and no luck, so He is my child. and now he is gone.

Thanks for letting me vent out here.

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