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Originally Posted by JackandMattie View Post
Dog groomers are usually sweet people, and you should cut them some slack. They get paid about the same as the people who assemble your Big Mac, so you should cut them that much more slack.

If you wanna complain about dog grooming, and your dog is a GSD, well, then...It's not that difficult. Do it yourself. Doh...

Seriously, clip his nails and bathe him quarterly.
People who assemble Big Macs in which I don't eat, make more than me. I wasn't complaining about the grooming, otherwise I wouldn't have taken him there in the first place. I wanted to give him a little "spa day", while I was tending to my family and at a funeral. My dog being a PTSD/TBI dog there is a lot more care and attention that I invest into him. That's one of the reasons I got him, and glad I did. I don't think you'll quite understand the depth of that. The point is, considering the circumstances and my desire to try what was reviewed as a nice place for my dog, I don't think your mentality of "quit your bickerin and do it yourself" ....really fits. So thanks for your valuable contribution of information.

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