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Hi...just got a rescue and he's skittish, advice?

Hello and nice to meet you all.

First, a little about me and why I chose Bear. Almost 2 years ago I had to put my 14 yo shepherd/newfie mix to sleep. I'd had him since he was 3 months old and the loss was devastating; I really thought I'd never get another dog. But about 6 months ago I realized that I missed having a friend. I trained Otis from the start using the Monks of New Skete principles and philosophy and he was the best dog EVER. However, I realized that much of why he was so great was his when I decided to get another I chose a shepherd/mix( Otis really had a Newfie look and I would have felt like I was replacing him if I went newfie).

So today I adopted Bear.....a full blooded (or so they told me....but as a rescue I understand they can't say so) black shepherd. They warned me that he was shy, but we had such an instant connection that there was no question he was coming home with me; the volunteers were shocked at how he responded to me and were thrilled that he found his home. I guess he wasn't peppy or doggy happy enough for other people.

His history:

From what they tell me he was pretty much brought up by a yellow lab....his owner had a fast acting cancer and it hit him just as he acquired the dog. They were both surrendered to the shelter and the lab got adopted almost immediately. Bear was there for almost 2 months. He lost a lot of weight (he weighs 102 now but should probably weigh 110-120 or so) and he's shedding a lot so clearly he's stressed out (crap, I would be too....his world went poof ffs).

Anyway.....met and brought him home today. Ride home no issues at all. Once here he spent a great deal of time exploring the house....I have a 12yo son (who Bear met at the shelter today....and btw Bear walked right up to him and gave him a kiss) who Of COURSE had to show hom off to his friends....good boys who pretty much said hi and then left him alone.

More to come....I have to get on a computer and keyboard before I lose it lol
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