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dont call him if you know he isnt going to come. every time you call and he doesnt come it just reenforces him in his mind that he doesnt have to come.

also why the heck would the dog come inside for bed when outside is so fun? you need to work on making yourself more fun before your dog is going to WANT to come to you. go outside and call him and when he comes (use a long line if he doesnt want to come) play with him for a few minutes then take him inside. after awhile he'll come running when you call him, even if you're standing inside.

even now when my dog has a solid recall, i will stand inside the door and peak my head out and call him. once he gets to me i whip a ball out from behind my back and we play (while i close the door behind him). sometimes i only play for 30 seconds but coming inside is never boring for the dog. you can give a treat instead of a toy. or you can call your dog and then run inside and hide. recall is a game, not a command.
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