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Potential Neglect from Groomer

I will be as specific as I can, and please feel free to correct me if I am overreacting at all.

I was on emergency leave for a week to attend a funeral for a family member that passed. While I was home in SC, I took the opportunity to visit a nice holistic vet in the area, as well as get my pup (Lothar), cleaned up and have his nails trimmed.

Once I was called (2-3 hours later) to pick up my dog. I went inside and met him, as always he was super excited to see me. I noticed once we started making our way out to the truck a VERY slight limp. I honestly didn't even think anything about it at the time, because it was so minor. So later that day, I was playing around with him and the limp got worse. I do daily inspections of him for everything...fleas, sores, pads, etc, etc. I noticed a nail on the paw he was not bearing any weight on was cut very short. At first I assumed that could be the culprit. Seeing as how I am a Combat Medic in the Army, I am constantly amazed at my stupidtity with diagnosing and treating a dog..haha.

He is unable to bear much weight on this paw, but can if need be. I can't feel anything that sends up any red flags. As of right now, no swelling significant enough to notice via comparison. He simply just hops around on this one healthy front paw. I am worried it could be dislocated or fractured, since I recall the groomers stating "he reallllly doesn't like having his nails done." I didn't think anything of it. I have an appointment tomorrow with my local traditional vet...I don't make enough on active duty right now to pay out the butt..should this be a serious injury. I have talked with everyone who has been around myself or my dog my entire stay, and they are all stating they don't know of any event that could have caused it at home. So I'm pretty much sold on the idea that this injury whether it be just a very sensitive wimpy dog, or a d*** groomer who wrestled my dog happened at the groomers business. Regardless of how minor it could be (hopefully) I would think they should tell someone! If it turns out this isn't minor...please give me suggestions on the right way to approach rectifying the situation.
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