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It depends on the dogs. My girl Clover had high prey drive, but she was great with the chickens. Then adding another dog to the pack made it dicey...but we did ok, teacking Onyx that the chickens were not to be chased, but herded occasionally. We then added a 3rd dog to the pack and all bets were off. Kacie has very high prey drive, which made young Onyx follow suit. So the chickens were not safe with three dogs. We had to make a secure run for them.
My chickens use to do happy hour with me, but they also ruined my perennial garden, so I'm ok with them not free ranging.
I'd love to turn them out into the woods daily to get their insects/bugs, but not sure they'd return every night so we don't do that either. We now have four chickens in an enclosed run/coop, we get four eggs daily(even in this harsh winter weather!)
Kept by Onyx, Kacie Karlo and Gambit
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