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^ yepyep

Titles in and of themselves only tell you that somebody put a certain amount of time and energy into training and trialing that dog.

They don't guarantee a good dog. My crazypants mutt puppy Pongu has dozens of titles, more than most solid breeding dogs. But he's flat-out insane, unsafe around children, and not remotely the kind of dog I would recommend to anyone ever. His wall of ribbons and championship certificates doesn't change that one bit.

What it does show is that I have spent a lot of time on my dog. I know that dog inside and out. I know all the many ways in which he is a nutcase. And if he were a GOOD dog, I would know all the many ways in which he were a good dog, and I would hopefully be able to make an informed decision about what hypothetical mate would complement his good qualities and shore up his weaknesses.

That's what you want your breeder to be able to demonstrate, and that's why titles and show results matter. A lot of breeders can talk a good game about their dogs' stellar temperaments and intelligence and athleticism, etc. etc. -- but if there isn't any external proof to back up those words, what are they really worth?

Whether or not you ever plan to go into the ring yourself, presumably you want a dog with certain predictable traits from known bloodlines. (Otherwise, why not adopt from a rescue?) And if you want a dog with predictable traits, your chances are improved if you look for breeders who are training and testing their dogs in some externally judged venue.

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