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I just went through this.
A well bred dog and a good dog are not necessarily the same thing. Trust me...Ive seen pedigrees up the wazoo with titles like crazy but it was just weird/wrong pairings between parents etc. (I didn't know this, I was told by people who know these things after I asked and looked into it further)

Look for a breeder with a solid breeding program that produces balanced dogs. Family dogs can get titles too and they should be able to if the dog is appropriately pedigreed.

Be very VERY careful if you're putting a price tag on this and if that amount has anything to do with who you choose or the dog you choose. It's the wrong way to come at purchasing something that is going to be in your life and a part of your family for over a decade.

Find someone who makes sense to you. Who has a good reputation. Do lots and lots of homework (I looked hard for months...and started about a year ago) Talk to people...lots of people. If you find a breeder you like ask around about them...find their puppies and see how they are doing out in the real world.

Research...homework...research...homework...ask lots of questions!!
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