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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
Not that either took are not effective, but it is my opinion that your pup would be best served learning to be more confident. If she is barking out if fear, couple that with an ill timed ecollar correction and now the dog us scared and getting in trouble fir being scared. So now she may think, if she gets shocked every time she sees a kid, that kids bring bad things. Making her fear worse.

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I guess I should clarify that the barking is not always out of fear. She barks at cars, when people (she knows and loves) come to the home, when she gets rowdy, etc. My main goal is for her to understand that when I tell her to stop, she needs to stop. I am not bothered by her being vocal-she's always been a talker but I do need her to stop when I say stop and right now I feel I have very little control over that!
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