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E-Collar vs Electric No Bark Collar? Need help!

My 2 year old GSD is a barking maniac. She barks at every one when we're outside. I don't mind the barking but I want her to stop when I say. She's a very sweet, timid dog and it is mind boggling to me that she would bark at a small child. I'm guessing she's fearful.
Long story short-I want to rid her of this habit. Mostly to know it's ok to bark but that she needs to stop when I tell her too. Normally, I have to stop what I'm doing and stand in front of her to break her concentration on whatever she's barking it.
My question is-should I go with a traditional "shock collar" or can I use an e-collar. I am hoping I can use the e-collar to break the bad habit of barking when I ask her to stop as well as to train her to be more obedient. Is the e-collar effective for barking or should I just get the no bark collar? I'm currently looking at the Dogtra YS500 and the SportDOG NoBark 10R.
Any and all input it appreciated! I just want her to be safe and both of us to be happy
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