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Originally Posted by DaniFani View Post
>>"It's all in what YOU want"

No, if the dog doesn't have the genetics, nerve, or thresholds to do it, then it cannot be least not ethically.

The operative word is "if" and that "if" exists with pups coming from titled sires and dams all the same. Yes, if I were completely getting a pup for title purposes, of course I would want the sire and dam to have a laundry list of titles with the highest ratings BUT this still does NOT stop a pup from an untitled breeding to earn it's agility etc. titles if the owner chooses.....I do not understand your "ethically" there are probably multitudes of non-ethical practices in the world of line breeding "show dogs"...taking risks trying to get the best qualities of a breed except they are too closely related.....per the AKC...which I'm not a big fan of anyway.. but they at least do understand this fact ..."Line breeding, mating involving relatives other than parents and siblings, on similar pedigree (dog or dogs) not only gives you the best but can also give you the worst."

The old saying is true....when line breeding works, they call it line breeding when it doesn't work they call it incest......too many times the later is issues and other flaws are overlooked too many times in order to produce a pup or two with the superficial qualities desired...but as long as the sire and dam are titled...then I guess it is "ethical" ???

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