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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
I quickly looked at their website and I found it interesting....looks like they put a premium on hips, health and temperament....along with a variety of different types....

Since I am a fan of coats, I would guess you could count on getting a coat if that's what you wanted.

Who cares if the dogs have not been "titled" via the AKC....if you are looking for a dog which primarily is a companion dog. Otherwise, if you have heart set on titling the dog in one of many titles available, it might be a consideration but by no means a deal breaker. Sire and Dam need not be finished or titled in order for you to pursue getting a pup's all in what YOU want.....

>>"It's all in what YOU want"

No, if the dog doesn't have the genetics, nerve, or thresholds to do it, then it cannot be least not ethically.
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