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Originally Posted by Cassidy's Mom View Post
Oh, definitely try flyball! GSDs are very under-represented in the sport. There's only one other in the entire region, which covers the state of California, and it's in the Southern part of the state so, usually Halo is the only GSD at the tournaments we've been in.

Halo works hard, plays hard, and sleeps hard. She has an excellent off switch, which is very important. At flyball practice and tournaments she's the only dog in our club that's in a soft crate, and she lays there calmly without a peep until we get on the field or in the ring. Then she screams like a chimpanzee!!! She's also somehow managed to change the "no dogs on the couch" rule that was in effect for over 20 years, lol.
hahaha! my dog will likely end up changing all the rules I think I have in place too (my cat certainly runs the house now >.<)

Im mostly interested in French Ring right now...but Im brand new so I don't know how reasonable it is for a beginner to leap into a sport that is so involved. IPO would be next on the list.

I started out interested in only obedience and tracking. Bite work scared me. Then I started talking to people doing schutzhund and found out how disciplined it was. How much work it takes. I love the challenge of it. The obedience interested me more than having a dog with the ability to bring a grown man to the ground....if that makes sense? Having a dog trained that intricately is a concept I like. More than the action itself (which still kinda scares me) It's hard to explain I guess...

Im glad that most dogs can handle just running/hiking and that if I fall back to that position it's not the end of the world.
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