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Originally Posted by Cassidy's Mom View Post
I'm actually more of the opposite. We're what I'd consider an active pet home, and our dogs have always been bought with goal of being good companions first and foremost, so being easy to live with is a primary requirement.

That being said, I knew I wanted to do something fun with Halo, in particular, although not Schutzhund. I was thinking flyball and/or agility, and as it turns out, I took a flyball class first. She excelled, and we never did end up taking any agility classes. She's been racing in flyball for almost two years and loving it!

Even if you "just" end up with a running or hiking partner, or you dabble in a sport or two for fun but not seriously enough to actually compete, I don't see that as a waste. I'm sure Halo would do well in many things that I'll probably never try, but we have a great time doing other things instead.

Finding a breeder that consistently produced good companions was my first goal as your mentality is the same as mine. I want to be able to live WITH my dog and have a dog that can handle living WITH me.

Im eager to check out flyball!! I know a woman here (who helped me immensely!) who is doing flyball and agility with her GSD. I believe she is the only local GSD doing either sport =)

Obviously Halo is ok with the amount of work she is doing =) That was sort of what I was wondering =)
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