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Question plastic travel type kennel or wired type crate/kennel???

so im preparing my place for a new addition to our family. a new pup to come in the near future.

what would you suggest a large plastic travel style kennel?
a large black wired style (usually 2 door) crate

im thinking of getting one large one that the puppy can grow in to.
planning for a size that will be able to take up to 100+lb dog

the use of it would be for my future companion to be in while im gone at work. 8 hour day. and possibly over night but not for long, just until she gets used to the schedule then can sleep on a open dog bed near me. maybe not even at all over night. we will see.

what is a better option? pros and cons of each. your thoughts and or experience?

example of what im talking about.

wired crate

plastic crate

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