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Actually doing something with your WL dog

Just a curiosity thread as I just finished reading the "Working line as a family dog" thread.

How many people find themselves in that position with a WL dog? Buy one with great intentions and then it all fizzles out...

Ive been very open on here. Im a drop dead novice and learning as fast as I of my main concerns was becoming one of 'those people' who got a fabulous dog and then did nothing with it. I seriously hope Im not as Im partly getting a dog just so I have a hobby IE: dog sport of some sort (Im still a little ADHD as far as what I want to do...everything from flyball to French Ring at this point) and I very much want a sidekick to do the stuff that Im already doing alone with IE hiking/running etc.

Just wondering if there are a lot of people here who have purchased WL puppies with that intent and then ended up with straight pets and couch potato dogs. Or, as previously stated, the once a week hobby type dog?
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