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Originally Posted by GSDreamer View Post
so i know that this may be early and maybe to soon, but im anxious and cant wait.

so what do i need to get before my future puppy comes home?
i need help making a list of things and maybe some things you guys may recommend i need.

this is the list i got so far. would be nice to more detail my list with recommended brands or specifics of the item.

Crate (would be used for only when im gone at work for 8 hour day.)
-what is a good size?
-im thinking one of the bigger ones he/she can grow in to
-im thinking i like the ones that are black and fence like.
-or would a plastic travel kennel would be a better idea?

-should i get a small dog bed for now and a bigger one later?
-or just get a big one and have my companion grow in to it
-any one you find better then the other? matt over bed maybe?

Food & treats
-i was going to wait and see what my breeder would recommend to start with. and maybe experiment on my own with my companion in the future.
i want good healthy stuff. and thinking of doing mostly raw with a mix of some dog food to make a hybrid type food.
- your suggestions?
-treats for puppies? what is a good one to help train them?

-how many should i get?
-what should i get? (tug, chew, ball, other??)
-should i wait to go shopping for toys with my pup or get a few to start with first?
-home made toys ideas/suggestions maybe?

Bath & Meds
-what is a good shampoo for bath?
-what basic meds do i need to have on hand?
-flea tick treatments? do i need them or not tell i notice the need for it?

-what would i need to have for training? potty, house, crate, tricks, etc..

-feel free to add more

im just super excited and cant wait. so i wouldn't mind setting stuff up now and wait for the pup to come. maybe bargain shop early. let me know your thoughts, what i need, what you recommend, what i need to wait on to get later etc...
I was you 2 months ago! Lol I actually started a blog that covers all of this! It's still in the baby stages but I'm completing the "products" page tonight. It's all stuff I use and how I use them.

I could type a novel of things for you but I'll update the blog by tonight. There's also a FB page. Most of the advice on this forum is fantastic!
Here's a quick list:

Crate- A MUST
-big one (we put a huge comforter in it to take up the extra room)
-ours is a plastic one from walmart. This will work for you fine unless your pup is a monster chewer. But I've seen adult GSDs wreck a metal one no problem. Try to come home at lunch if you can at least for the first 2 weeks.

Toys- ALL OF THEM lol. Seriously though. Get as many varieties as you want. I recommend the "tough chew" types. We rotate toy batches every other week because he gets bored.

We use Murphy's original oil soap. Yes floor soap! We dilute about a teaspoon into a Gatorade bottle filled with water and scrub him down. He's only had one bathe because he got muddy. Don't over bathe him. If you feed him good food he shouldn't smell

Food- we feed Fromm family puppy gold and we just started switching to the large breed puppy since he's 12 weeks. You can get it on fromms website has all the nutrition guides. I will say their treats are rock hard, so We use "happy hips" salmon jerky mixed with his kibble for training treats.

Training- get yourself some clickers! Lol also please don't use any super negative reinforcement, it will just backfire. Trust me. Redirection redirection redirection! I would keep him on a leash indoors so you can quickly give corrections. Just let him drag it

Bed- Alvin has a big Kong one from petsmart

Hope it helps!

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