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Should new pups play with older dogs?

Hi everyone! First time owner, bringing my puppy home in 11 days! Super excited .. but heres the thing.. so are all my dog owner friends.

Now I've been doing as much research as I can on everything i can find (literally... pretty much all i do these days haha). I understand the importance of socialization and have done a lot of reading.. but a common thing i see is to not allow your puppy to play with older dogs. Ive read that you should allow your puppy to be around older dogs and be comfortable with them but not necessarily "play". Here are some reasons I've seen:

1. Can teach your dog to be overly submissive
2. Your puppy submitting to an "alpha"/older dog can potentially increase the time it takes for your puppy to see YOU as the alpha instead.
3. Puppies may be going through a fear stage and can learn to be afraid of larger or older dogs if the play time doesnt go well.

There are some other things i saw here and there.. but what do you guys think? All my friends have already started lining up to see my GSD and are about as excited as i am for him to finally come home. Would it be okay to start setting up play dates with older dogs (anywhere from 1-3 years old)? I figure if i do meet older dogs, i would just be sure to supervise and make sure everything is safe.. but mainly concerned about any potential long term affects to personality. Anyways thanks for any opinions or info!
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