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My gsd bit me

I really need some advice on how to stop my dog directing his aggression towards me or anything that is within close range of his mouth when he can't get to the stray dogs. Or how to stop his aggression towards them altogether.

My dog is aggressive only towards to the stray dogs in our living area, he's fine with the other 2 little ones he meets occasionally that belong to people. They've ran towards and he did not react. He is also usually civilised at the vet's except for this one particular dog that he started growling at the moment it came out from the room. But we'd been at the clinic countless time and I'm pretty sure it was only against this one particular dog.

Anyway, back to the stray dogs, usually I distract him and walk away from them and he follows with an occasional low growl. But most of the times, he could see much further and better than me, esp in the dark, so he would immediately react when he spots one from far; growling and barking and attempting to charge towards it. Since he is always on a leash except in an enclosed area, he can't get to it/them and would direct his anger/aggression towards me and bite anything within range, which is my bag, the hanging part of the leash, my pants and mostly my leg!!

All this and I'm still in one piece and I can normally get him away but today, we were kind of "trapped" in the tennis court. We just entered in there and I hadn't even gotten him off-leash (thankfully!) and he spotted this black stray loitering outside and wouldn't stop barking at it. The stray wasn't even reacting, just staring. But my dog wouldn't stop going crazy!! He tore the lower portion of my pants and subsequently bit my leg and thigh!!

Does anyone else have this kind of experience and what do you suggest I do to rid him of this behaviour.

I don't know of any trainer here (we're in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) that I can work with and am in kind of a tricky living environment as well. I read on another thread about being reactive to other dogs and someone suggested "Control Unleashed" and I'd immediately ordered a copy of the book and DVDs as well.

But for now, besides putting him in a muzzle to protect myself, is there any other solution?? Muzzle isn't so ideal bcos a friend of mine who works in the management of the our living quarters advised that others might complain that the dog is vicious and will bite and hence, muzzled. I know, the purpose of the muzzle could be to protect them as well... but, people's mentality is just different here! >.<

Anyway, sorry for long post.

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