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Originally Posted by sechattin View Post
I'm feeding a combo of Orijen and raw for my dogs. I just didn't suggest the Orijen because I'm in America so I'm not sure what brands you have available to you. Sometimes taste can be a choice. I've had all kinds over the years, some didn't care if it was food or trash as long as it was edible while other had a particular brand they enjoyed. For general info about different brands Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor is a good place to go.
How is her stool? I was wondering how much liver she gets in her other meal because I know for a fact too much liver can cause runny stool and an upset stomach which can make a puppy less likely to eat as much.
Orijen is not available in my place. Her stool was perfectly fine, no issues. Here the climate is changing bit hot, donno whether its affecting her.

She is my 1st pet. Can you also suggest any good shampoo, I have used hug and wag, since the smell was not good I changed to Procott, But the hair was shedding alot during her last bath, Is that normal? or Due I have to change the shampoo?

PS: Thanks for the site Sure I will check it now
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