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He actually had a full physical a month ago (cost a fortune.. But I was worried because he only had a little check up when I first got him)
In the first check up he had the dr said he had a skin issue. Like dry skin or something.
And it cleared up pretty good .
He was a stray in Cali before the trainer got him and I took him.
It's not a horrible smell. Just a doggy smell(: but I'd just like to get him a nice shinny coat.
I don't give a oil suppliment because hadn't decided on what one to give him.
I fallow the diet of a lady who feeds her dogs raw and of of what or read here. He get his % of OM MB MM ect.
And he has been doing great on it!
Maybe it just hasn't sunk in to his system yet (a lady who feeds raw says a full change after starting raw can take up to 6 months )

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