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Lightbulb Can our lifestyle stunt their growth?

So i'm sitting here thinking about the new puppy i am getting in two weeks and all the fun things i can't wait to do with him but then i wonder can my lifestyle be too hard on a dog too young? Meaning this, i take my current GSD Sage to work with me every day. She gets to run around the jobsite while i work, whether she is following me or playing with another dog, i love it, she loves it, she gets tons of exercise every day. It makes going home with a tired dog that much easier. Plus it has really made us unseperable. Now, when Sage was a puppy i definitely tried to baby her as far as too much impact on her joints, whether she was running or jumping i tried to limit it, but with going to work with me she definitely was very active and physical at a young age. She is 1.5 yrs old. She only weighs 55 lbs which i think is a little small for even a female but she is healthy and at a healthy weight for her size. I would think she would be closer to 60-65 lbs at least. Her father was 95 and her mother 70. So with that being said, is it possible for a young pup to be too physical/active that they mess up their growth plates? i know that stairs and jumping and stuff like that will definitely have a negative affect on a young puppy but does just running around being a "puppy" have any bad side affects on their future growth?

just curious as i plan for this puppy and i wanted your guys opinion..

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