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Food suggestions - help with gas & diarrhea

My 9 month GSD Lola has had a few bouts of giardia and several rounds of diarrhea during her first year so far. The last round of giardia, the vet had her on Tylan powder for 5 weeks since we just couldn't get rid of the giardia. After being off of the Tylan powder for a week (and having firm stools the whole time!), the diarrhea came back. I took a stool sample in and it came back negative -- no giardia -- but the vet wanted me to go back to using the Tylan powder everyday until her stools firm up and then e/o day for about a month. I've also been adding canned pumpkin to her food every day. It's been 4 days now that we've been back on the Tylan and she doesn't have diarrhea -- but her stool is not very firm either. On top of that, her gas is HORRIBLE. I'm talking the-room-smells-for-an-hour HORRIBLE. I'm starting to wonder if it's her food, maybe it's too much for her? I've been feeding her really good food -- Fromm Large Breed Puppy -- but maybe I need to switch to a limited ingredient food, I'm not sure. Any food recommendations or even thoughts on holistic solutions to help with soft stool and gas?
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