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Given it a bit more thought after I posted this, I'll be calling when Animal Control is open again tomorrow. Apart from emergencies (where I have called before, due to a loose horse on the highway), you are not to call in this county except during working hours. So I'll be calling and explaining as soon as I can. Hours are only until 5 pm and that was when I got home from class and actually looked at how long the tether was, since before that I just "assumed" it was long enough, and that there were more shelters around the corner of the house. No to both of those assumptions, so will be calling as soon as they have their operating hours.

ETA: She's not abusing them... just not doing anything with them. Have talked with her about the puppy and asked about the tether... she just says "ok, thanks" and that's it. She's not intentionally being cruel or anything... just doesn't know better.
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