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I have done it. A few years ago a neighbor to my side of my fence left a huge pit mix tied to a tree next to my fence during a massive thunderstorm. The dog was seriously aggressive and barking for hours. Previously to that, the renters at that house left a 140 lb Rottie tied to the same tree and it got loose and tried to attack me when it came around the street to my house. Saw a renter on a cross street kick his dog across the street... so yes, I will call when I see abuse and/or a dangerous situation. I own my home and have lived here since 1987. I will not tolerate renters or owners around me abusing pets or causing a dangerous situation where someone could get hurt. Yes, you can be anonymous. Have you tried talking to her or offering some help? Sometimes that works, but if not and the dogs are being abused, I would report it.
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