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Yes, I have.

Several winters ago I was walking my dog when I saw a loose dog running around. He was not only loose but darting back and forth across the road (not like a typical street/stray dog that understands the concept of traffic) and he was only using 3 legs, kind of dangling one of his rear legs. My husband went after him and was able to leash him. We took him home. He had no tags other than the AKC pet recovery tag. We called them but all they would do is call the owner for us (wouldn't tell us the dog's address so we could bring him home). He was hanging out with us when my sister saw him and said she actually knew who owned him. We looked up their number and kept calling....nothing. Went to their one home. Finally they called back and came to get their dog. They'd been at some sporting event and said he must've got out. They actually seemed pissed they had to come over and get him, like we were inconveniencing them for saving their dog from traffic. But whatever...people make mistakes, dogs get loose. Then, a few days later, I see the SAME dog darting around in traffic in the SAME spot and he was STILL dragging that leg! Not only was he loose again, apparently they made no effort to treat the injury. That time I was furious and called the Animal Control and explained this was his second time out. I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time, especially since the dog was very friendly and not really a danger other than to himself getting hit again. This time when I called AC, I knew the owners' names, phone, and address.
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