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Have you ever had to call animal control on someone?

Not sure where else to put this.

I keep up to date on the animal welfare laws, and Texas this past summer passed a tethering law.

This particular neighbor means well, I know she does... but she has 4 dogs in a 15x15' backyard area, one of which is tied up using what looks like a 10-12' long lead rope... which is too short of a tether with said dog being a female German Shepherd, and legally should be on at least a 20 foot lead, probably closer to 30 to be safe.

All dogs also share two dog houses, which right now might work since two of the dogs are smaller puppies, but in about a month or two, they will not be big enough to shelter all 4 dogs.

Not once since moving here have I seen her bring any of them outside... or do anything but go out and feed on occasion. And I'm a homebody, so I kinda pay attention.

Now... I probably wouldn't be overly upset if it was just an ordinary fall or spring day... but we've had several really bad freezes lately here in Texas, and said tethered dog is in 15 degree weather all night.

There is access to food and water, and "technically" there is shelter.

And I don't want to take this girl's dogs away... but at the same time... it is against the law.

It took her a little over a month to fix fencing to keep her puppy from escaping and nearly getting into the road... and I plan on reminding her about the tethering law... but I don't think she will get anything done about it. Just a girl who works and has a lot on her plate... and really shouldn't have dogs... but she does.

So... have you ever called animal control on someone before? I'm sure I could be anonymous with it... and my concern is for the animal. But... I dunno. To me it seems a little extreme to call Animal Control... but if nothing else will be done about it. It is against the law, and the welfare of the dog comes first.
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