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David Taggart
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It depends what dog you have, never ever use prong on nervous or agressive dogs. Prong should never be used for training, it's used for corrections of commands your dog knows well already. I used prong myself, a long time ago though, and found it a complete waste of time - the whole system of commands could be learned without even a leash. You may well ask, why people use them then? Because we have a trouble communicating with our dogs. While humans use speech, the dogs mainly use their body language. If you talk to your dog his language, you would use your body to command. Herding, for instance, is an art of dog training, where a man speaks to his dog using 99% of body language and 1% of sound signals. Dogs understand command by gesture much better and faster than words. Absolutely unaware that, we provide our dogs with wrong signals. It must be a terribly difficult task for the dog - to ignore that, what signals to him as a command one way, and try to undestand what we want from him by using voice command in the same time. If you use body language in order to train him to stop pulling with any length of your leash - with your dog pulling forward, stop yourself, click your tongue couple of times, and turn 180 degrees back, he will follow you. But, the dog always want to move, and he would be ahead of you in one minute of time. Repeat clicking and turning back until he gets, that, if he wants to move forward - he shouldn't pull. It will take you only half an hour to train, and number of times you would have to remind him will diminish with every day. To train "Heel" do it on a short leash, and just stop every time he pulls. Walk by the wall of some building on your left to make him stick to your leg. Hold his ball in your right hand placed at your heart, if you want him to look at you while he heels. If your dog decides to rush after a cat - start running backwards yourself, drop the leash, you woudn't have to call him even once, he will turn after you. One aspect I shouldn't miss here, that we don't live in environment, which allows us to train our dogs on every walk and everywhere. I'm talking about the danger of traffic. Before you train your dog to heel off leash, you can use a tool which wouldn't affect her nervous system as badly, as prong:
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