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Default Beau....ah...Beau

Well Beau has done so well with the new cats, Bob and Jangles and the cats have done well with exploring the great outdoors and knowing how to get back in, that we decided to leave Beau outside and the window cracked so the cats could leave and enter as they chose.

Stepped outside to see what was going on and there was nobody to be found. walked into my bedroom and Beau (who is not, never has been, never will be allowed on the bed) was curled up on the bed wrapped up in our comforter. Bob was sitting on the "reading" chair in the corner and Jangles was outside and, several hours later, has returned to home base.

For Beau to get in, he had to force up the window and crawl in ... Well at least no damage, just pawprints on the sheets and they are due for washing anyway.

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