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Default It's the small things (Habitat related)

For those who remember about me posting about us getting a home through Habitat, a little update.

Things have slowed down due to weather, not to much has been going on. As the weather picks back up so will the construction work. We haven't been assigned a lot yet, however we do know that we will be able to afford a four bedroom, two bath. Also *drumroll*.......I just gave them the full down payment!! It felt WONDERFUL, its a little thing, but a big one at the same time. The only thing we have left now is to finish getting our hours and wait for them to tell us where the are going to be able to build. In the community they are building in now (I've posted pics of the back) there are some nice big level lots up in the front. Originally we thought it was going to be in the back, but they are having some issues with funding. The lots up front have already been covered from previous funding, they just haven't built on any of them yet. The back yards up front would be much bigger than in the back, something I would really like to have. The back is nice and quiet, but the front has so much more room yard wise.

My day has been made.

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