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Puppy "play" fighting

My puppy and my other dog, who is a smaller dog at 1 year and 13lbs, like to rough house and play often. My concern is the vet tech told me not to get too involved and break them up because thats what puppies do, but should I let them do this all the time? Its usually ok and they dont get too crazy but it can lead into what looks like a full on growling fight. I think its fine and its just play but I dont want to set up any bad behavior for the puppy in later years when hes a lot bigger.
Also he was taken away from mom at about 5 weeks and abandoned so I was letting it go thinking Lucy( small dog) was helping teach him bite inhibition.

I know puppies play but is there a point where its too rough?
Im trying really hard not to turn him into a future monster
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