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Bogard's Sehr Gut Isabella - Bella Arrived Today Announcement

It was really only a matter of time since I read about the K-9 dog in Philadelphia, PA about a week ago got me on the path to a new family member. As I searched and reviewed about German Shepherd's my daughter (18) Feb. 14th. and wife Feb. 16th. were both onboard with a new addition GSD female as Nelson's Valor, JRT has been an only child (dog) for seven years.

I rolled the dice, it came up snake eyes today. The fellow sent some pictures and agreed to meet my wife and I at the vet's office just after 1:00 PM today. Even better, the vet agreed to waive the office visit fee and the charge for the exam was zero. I know everybody loves to see pictures but I have been playing daddy and supervising the brood, human and K-9. First shots were already given and the first worming was done this week a few day ago. The litter birthdate oddly enough was December 25, 2013 so to my calculations she's 6 weeks and 3 days young. Bella was the runt of the litter and we did not really know, but my wife and I picked the same pup from the picture as she had the best eyebrow's and she was yawning in the photo. I have already sent a few PM messages to a few member's in a short time, all of which made me feel welcome. The doctor instructed a few factor's that will be followed and about March 7th. my late mother's birthday we will go in for a booster.

When I am able. I will get pictures up or a link to Photobucket. If you all wish to know Bella is pretty special and she has made the girls very happy and dad will have his hands full constructing a training sleeve for her to play with later down the line, she has her own toy, crate and a pen set up, although she wants some special attention first.. So, welcome: Bogard's Sehr Gut Isabella into the GSD Forum. By the way, Bogard was; Peggy "Gunella" Bissett's kennel name from Peggy's Mountain Saugus, CA my; "German Shepherd Mentor" who seems to have gone to doggy heaven and I am using her kennel name as I had the permission to keep her dreams alive and I intend to honor her wishes. Thanks, Peg.....

BTW, When Peggy was pregnant she filled 6 cubic feet wheelbarrows full of pea gravel herself, lifted and moved them into the dog runs.

A story worth telling to the girls, here.... She was the bomb !
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