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1 >>> your dog is loyal. he doesn't like to cuddle. my last GSD
was well trained, highly socialized and protective but he
didn't like hugs. i never felt he wasn't loyal besides being
loyal is something humans feel or express. i'm not
so sure a dog feels that emotion.

2 >>> her SA could be a training issue.

3 >>> i felt bonded to my pup when i send the deposit
months before he was born. i doubt he felt bonded to
me when he was born. lol.

4 >>> interesting question, very interesting.

Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post

1 >>> My bond with Smokey my husky has been pretty steady. He still doesn't like to cuddle but sometimes he'll put his head on my tummy when I'm lying down. He's super independent and I don't consider him very loyal to us per say...

2 >>> My bond with Zeeva my GSD however has increased with time. She lets me cuddle with her and lays down by me if I ask her to without moving until I do. In fact I think she's developed a little bit of separation anxiety we've gotten so close...

3 >>> So, do you think your bond with your GSD has grown over time?

4 >>> Do you think dog breed makes a difference with respect to bond over time?
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