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Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
My bond with Smokey my husky has been pretty steady. He still doesn't like to cuddle but sometimes he'll put his head on my tummy when I'm lying down. He's super independent and I don't consider him very loyal to us per say...

My bond with Zeeva my GSD however has increased with time. She lets me cuddle with her and lays down by me if I ask her to without moving until I do. In fact I think she's developed a little bit of separation anxiety we've gotten so close...

So, do you think your bond with your GSD has grown over time? Do you think dog breed makes a difference with respect to bond over time?

No doubt the bond improves over many ways...including separation dog now trusts that I will more separation anxiety...If I'm the last to leave the house, I just tell her "guard the house"..she doesn't even bother working her way towards the door like normal if she's going out...she knows the deal... so yeah...the bonding and trust completely becames enhanced over time as we are speaking more the same "language".

As far as breed goes, can't answer as 3 out of 4 dogs I have had, have been GSDs........have had have...whoa...

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