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Unhappy Upset, let her down on the training front.

Sorry this is probably going to be a tl;dr :/

I got my puppy, lana, late June and have been coming to realise that I've completely let her down on training. She's my first dog, didn't have a dog growing up either, and I've just been completely lacking with training. She's 9 month and she's still biting and exhibiting destructive behaviour.

My partner works away so for the past 3 months he's been home all day and I've worked full time. Now he's went away again she has so much more energy left on a nighttime even after a walk, she's just constantly nipping me and tearing at the rug etc for attention.
On walks she constantly pulls and is so reactive when she sees other dogs, people, birds, everything. Before my partner came back the last time I'd been working on heels, she was having trouble but she's worse now so I think for the most part he's been letting her run free on a flexi.

My partner is lovely but when it comes to training he's been pretty lax, growing up he had a choc lab who is well behaved but unsociable so for walks he's allowed off lead and he doesn't interact with other dogs just runs around by himself and I think this is what he's been trying to gear lana towards albeit more sociable. Id guess that my partner is the alpha of the household in lanas eyes.

I was taking lana to a training course before christmas which she passed and i think I'll be taking her to the next one but I need to get some rules in place because I'm so embarrassed ATM about how trainings gone so far.
Now I've came to this crashing reality I'm trying to set some rules in and ATM walks consist of short leash walking at heel and that is all until she's understands what is expected, also contributing to the extra energy on a nighttime however am trying to use more mental energy with these walks since physical is now lacking. Do you think this Is the right thing to be doing? Any tips? I have her on a gentle leader but she bucks against it and it's always twisted to the side of her face. When I was at training though trainer did say I was fitting it correctly. I'm going to have to move to a different tool but not sure what.
I've been trying to start using nilif today and thinking about doing the 48 hour isolation starting tomorrow.

I'm just so lost, she's such a lovely girl and I've let her down a lot so far.

Sorry about how long this is and if it's not written very well.
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