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It is an interesting topic.

I would like to delve into eye contact with my dogs and actually study it a bit but it is difficult as dogs minds work faster than ours and they simply communicate differently. As in they can adapt there facial expression much more than humans and I think they communicate non verbally with this mechanism and tail, ears and posture.

What i notice is if you stare into a dogs eyes for long enough and start blinking and twitching either eye the dog can copy you.

When the dog realizes whats going on it can also initiate the game with it doing the blinking first. It maybe be possible for a dog to learn a response for yes and no.

It was funny once I was doing this with my dog and after 20 minutes or so he twitched many muscles in his face and forehead/ears and realized I can't actually respond to that level of communication.

Another thing I tried with my female dog is to get her breathing differently in response to my que.

Basically she'd take a breath, then I'd take a breath. After a while I'd do a double breath and after a while she will copy it.

Another thing I do is say 'I love you' to her and she actually mumbles it back to me and then gives a funny noise.

I think they would like to expand on the dialogue but know they can't.

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