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Your dog's communication signals?

I know there's lots of books about canine communication out there. I like reading them, but what's even better is reading the dog in front of me. I try to interpret the behavior and for the most part it's pretty clear. But every once in a while I'll notice something that never gets mentioned in books, and I'm curious if any of you have similar stories?

My 'neato observation' right now is that my pup will flip the tips of his ears forward when he's really ramped up in play. I first noticed this when we had the flirt pole out, and I'd psych him out on a pounce: just when he thought he'd get it - zoom - it was gone from under him. His ear tips bent forward every time.

Now I'm seeing this with the frisbee too. He gets excited for the toy, and will face me with an air snap. Uh uh, he has to be at least 10' away for the toss. So he'll hand it to me, back up and give a snap, and run for the throw. That's when I see those ear tips bend forward: when he's running away, waiting to catch it.

Do you guys notice stuff like that? I know it's not something you can say across the board, "All dogs do this" type of thing...but I wouldn't expect all dogs to do the same thing anyway, since they do have different personalities. I'm just curious to know what little quirks you might have seen in your dogs.
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