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Service dog - south coastal ga/jax fl area

ok, I have multiple sclerosis that has caused blindness in one eye and no peripheral vision in the other. I also have many balance issues. I am looking for a GSD to help with these issues (and more when my MS progresses. I have experience with the breed, my last GSD passed at age 12 from cancer last year (she was not a service dog). I have no children or other pets and will be training the dog myself (I have training experience). I live on St Simons Island in south coastal Georgia and am hoping to find a breeder within a two hour drive, so Brunswick, GA, Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL areas - Atlanta is over six hours away so that is out. I am looking for a dog no older than a year. My budget is only around $1000. I know that is low, but my vision and balance issues have made it so I cannot presently work and my funds are limited. I have tried to sift through breeders on my own and there are so many that I am overwhelmed. Any recommendations? Finally, I have no plans to breed, show, or use the dog as a protection animal, just a service dog/friend. Thank you!
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