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Maybe he feels your anxiety and stress from school. Its hard to get thoughts out of your head. The more you think " stop thinking about so and so" ..the more you think about it. Having anxiety myself, when. I was younger, ive learned the best way to get rid of those negative thoughts is to replace them with happy ones. When out walking try to think of what makes you happy. For me one of them is how im going to reaarange my house. I a think of a few happy thoughts before you go so you wont have a hard time trying to come up with some while your stressed. In regards to distracting your dog, ive learned so much here on this site. For example taking his favorite toy and in a high pitched voice distracting him early by dancing around with it. Okay so hes a weird too. Find what works for you. Distractions have to be early enough that hes not focusing on them yet. You need to find out what makes him nervous. For my dog its people running straight towards him and eye contact. Also strange hats, big hats, the tax lady on the corner whos green and holding a big green scary monster. I recently bought 3 books but each of them tells me the same thing others on here have told me. Look up engagement and counter conditioning on this site.

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