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do you know how to train? here are some things you
can do without going to a class.

> sit, stay, down, come, wait?.
> verbal commands and hand signals.
> heel ( on either side with or without a leash).
> back up.
> retrieve
> "find it". hide things and teach your dog to
find them.
> family hug. when you hug someone and say
"family hug" your dog walks between both
of you and sits.
> teach him not to enter or exit the car
without a command.
> "go to your or "go to" (insert place or person).
> teach him to pick something up if you drop it.
> "go through my legs". just for fun. it does come
in handy for me when i want to towel him off. he walks
back and forth between my legs while i towel him off.
> spin
> speak
> "give me your paw" and " the other one".
> teach him not to door dash or gate dash.

make up somethings to teach him.
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