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Always wanted a protective dog..

Growing up I always wanted a scary big protective german shepherd because I am such a small girl.
Now that I have my make GSD who is a protectful barky boy, it drives me nuts.
I just wish he would ignore everything and just continue on with our walk happily, paying all attention to me.
But no.
I've been working on it a lot, I've also been working on obedience and tricks and running him good daily. Taking walks in dog busy areas, training around dog parks.
And sometimes he is so darn perfect, other times he just focuses and barks.
He will bark at people when he is in the house, in the yard or in the car sometimes. But out on a walk or in a pet store is unacceptable to me.
It just gets frustrrating, I feel like I'm putting in so much effort but that he needs and deserves more than me.
I'm in a funk guys.

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