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Unhappy Excessive urination in six month male

Just rescued a six month male GSD from pound. He was an owner surrender but no reason given. Part of adoption process is mandatory neuter which was done 3 days ago on the day we brought him home. He has even learned his new name, Deacon and will respond to it immediately. Very smart. Deacon is very good and gets along well with my eleven year old Beagle-daschaund mix, Molly. We lost our eleven year old GSD, Mac, a month ago and Molly is glad to have a new friend. So no issues with Deacon and her.

He is learning commands and responding well to his new home. We are keeping him in 8 by 10 garage with Molly. He does spend several hours outdoors for play and exercise time.

Our problem is that Deacon has to urinate every hour or so. We remove water at 8pm and he is still peeing every hour or so. He goes on the puppy pad or outside if we can get to him in time. Tried crating him and he still peed after an hour and was completely embarrassed by his accident.

Even after falling into a deep sleep during the night, he has to get up to relieve himself. Last night, he went outside every two hours but still had to use the puppy pads in between and filled them up. When he is outside, he still had a strong flow and peed for about 15 to 20 seconds. Wondering if this is behavior issue or medical. Driving myself nuts waiting on vet to open Monday so any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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