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Screwing with him while he's trying to guard it makes the behavior worse. Taking it away was the exact opposite of the right thing to do.

If you want to fix this you have to gain trust and show him that you two are not in conflict. Start hand feeding every meal for a while. Take his bowl away. Stand over him with the food in your hand and say his name. When he makes eye contact mark it with a yes or whatever you want to use and then feed him a few pieces. When he looks you in the eye again repeat and give more food. Then after enough reps of that put the empty bowl in front of him. When he gives you eye contact you reach into the bowl and place some pieces of kibble in for him to eat. He eats it makes eye contact "asking" for more food you reach back in and drop some more.

He won't guard the bowl from you at that point anymore because he is essentially asking you to put more food in and you are not in conflict. Whereas your approach to the bowl meant a bad thing as he viewed it as a threat to his food supply now your approach to the bowl means the exact opposite.

The bone and toy issue is more or less the same thing. If you only allow him to interact with the toys through you by playing tug or fetch with it and that access is predicated upon your interaction and presence why would he guard it from you? This kind of thing isn't a big deal. It isn't about who is alpha or some silly dog whisperer crap. You just need to create trust.

A lot of people here are bone holders. The dog will come over slap it in your hand and have you hold it while he chews on the other end. Without realizing it you're fostering a trust. People that don't have that trust can get it by simply holding the bone while they give the dog the other end to chew on.

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