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Originally Posted by Harry and Lola View Post
When you give him the bone, make him sit, then give the bone telling him to take. Walk past a few times, don't make an issue out of walking past, just ignore him. After a little while, go up to him with a treat (choose something really yummy like a piece of roasted chicken or even a little bit of hot dog meat) and place in front of his nose to get his attention then make him sit, pick up his bone and reward him with the yummy treat, then give him is bone telling him to take. Try this a few times whilst eating the same bone and be consistent - do this every time he gets a bone, don't tease him and keep doing this so that you will eventually be able to just take the bone and he will trust you enough to know that you taking his bone is fine and you will give it back to him. It is all about building trust with your dog, ask your brother to participate too.
Thank you I will do this first thing tomorrow morning. Appreciate the help!
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